Middleton Road Culvert Update

Culvert Complete

Middleton Road culvert has been installed and the road has been reopened.  See project photos here.  During the next week, the contractor will be building the upsteam concrete block retaining wall on one side of the culvert, then completing some final grading.  Final steps of the project will include new guardrail and pavement to complete this project before the end of September.

The culvert project included the removal and replacement of an undersized, elevated 24 inch pipe over a span of approximately 52 feet on Middleton Road,a paved two lane highway. A continuous reinforced concrete boxed culvert 12 feet wide by 6 feet in height was installed with concrete block retaining walls at each end. A stream bed was constructed inside the culvert to provide continuous flow for Crooked Pond Stream. The culvert sections were designed as U shaped sections placed on a bed of crushed stone. The stream bed was constructed inside the culvert with a mixture of river stone to match adjacent natural stream bedding and to handle stream flow velocities.The roof sections were then placed on top. The project required supporting a live gas main in place as the culvert sections at that location were placed underneath the gas main. New guard rail is to be installed along Middleton Road and side slopes loamed and seeded.

Kudos to the design team and construction contractor for scheduling this large culvert replacement project for completion with only a five-day road closure!  Thanks to the DPW, the Police and Fire Departments for creative detour design and special response plans and staffing to ensure the residents remain well protected and the commuters clearly directed.  Also, special thanks to town volunteer Greg Murrer and the Lakes Ponds and Streams Committee for obtaining a grant from FEMA to cover 75% of the project cost!

Major portions of the Crooked Pond Brook will now be less likely to flood and cause property damage.