Trash and Recycling Survey

trash container

To complete the Town of Boxford's trash and recycling survey, please click on this link. The survey must be completed by September 30th.

The Town of Boxford's existing contract with Waste Management expires at the end of June, 2024. As the Town plans for the future of curbside trash and recycling collection in Boxford, it is exploring the option of switching to "automated collection". This would mean that the trash hauler would use a mechanical "arm" attached to the truck to pick up trash and recycling placed in standardized containers by the curb, as opposed to the current "manual collection" method that Waste Management uses of having an employee physically exit the truck, pick up the barrel, and empty its contents into the back of the truck. More information about automated collection can be found by watching this short video: This switch from manual to automated collection would result in considerable savings for the Town.

This survey focuses on Boxford residents' current trash and recycling habits, as well as your input on the size of potential new, standardized trash and recycling containers and the frequency of collection under a new automated collection program. The Town has assembled a Waste Stream Task Force, made up of various stakeholders from the Select Board, Finance Committee, Board of Health, and Recycling Committee that is working on structuring the Town's future trash and recycling curbside collection program. They are taking into account surveyed here, as well as others, such as whether or not future trash and recycling programs in Town will maintain a user fee (currently in the form of trash stickers) or whether the future service will be paid for out of property tax revenue, how the capital costs of purchasing any standardized trash and recycling containers will be passed on to taxpayers, and if weekly use of "overflow" trash bags will be permitted. For more information about the ongoing work of the Waste Stream Task Force, please visit the project webpage,