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Since its incorporation in 1685, Boxford has had an Open Town Meeting form of government. Open Town Meeting entitles every eligible voter to participate in person in legislating decisions regarding the content of town by-laws and budgets and the spending of town money. Norman Rockwell's Town Meeting 

For each Town Meeting, a Warrant is published, listing the date and time of the meeting as well as the articles that will be discussed and voted upon. The Warrant must be posted by the Town's Constables in the local Meeting Houses (First Church Congregational of Boxford and Second Congregational Church of Boxford).  It is Boxford's practice to mail a copy of the Warrant to every household in Town.  

All matters of a Town Meeting's business are included in the Warrant. Each item of business is called a Warrant Article, and a Town Meeting may vote only on Articles contained in the Warrant. The Select Board determines the content of most Warrant Articles, establishes the order of articles in the Warrant, and sets the deadline for closing the Warrant.  Residents are afforded the opportunity of submitting Warrant Articles by acquiring the signatures of 10 or more registered Boxford voters in the case of the legally mandated Annual Town Meeting, or 100 signatures in the case of an optional Special Town Meeting.  

The Town Moderator, who is elected by the voters for a three-year term, presides over the business and conduct of Town Meeting. Operating procedures and rules are dictated by statute, by-laws, or tradition; in their absence Town Meeting Time a publication of the Massachusetts Town Moderators Association governs.

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