Winter is Coming! A Few Reminders From the Boxford DPW

Time to bring in those basketball hoops!!!!
basketball hoops in the snow

Winter is coming!!!  The Boxford DPW would like to remind residents that items placed on the town road impede snowplowing efforts and it's time to bring those items in for the winter.   One of the biggest obstacles to our snow and ice operation are the basketball hoops that are placed in town roads. These hoops are tough to see when it is snowing and are capable of snagging and damaging our snow plow trucks. In the event that this happens and damage is caused to the vehicle, the owner will be held responsible for the damage. To avoid damaging the plow or your personal property, please take the time to remove the hoops or any other item such as decorative benches, flower buckets, etc., placed in areas of the road that could be hit by the plow during the winter months. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

If it snows on your trash day, place your recycling bins and trash barrels away from the edge of the road.   We will not plow around bins and barrels.    Please check the town website for any information regarding trash delays due to inclement weather.  

Town vehicles or town-contracted snowplows will not clear private driveways or other private property. Removal of snow placed in a driveway or on sidewalks where the driveway or sidewalk meets the town Right of Way is the responsibility of the property owner. Residents or private contractors are prohibited from blowing or pushing snow into or across the roadway leaving snow in the road as a result of cleaning their sidewalk or driveway.  

In the rare event that a Town vehicle or a Town hired contractor operated plow damages a properly installed mailbox, the Town will install a new pressure treated post and a standard white or black mailbox. It must be evident the damage was caused by the plow blade (yellow paint mark, etc.) and not the force of the snow. A DPW highway foreman will be responsible to make that determination. Please call to report damage within 48 hours after the damage has occurred (978-352-6555).