Update Lockwood Lane Bridge Reconstruction

Bridge Closed Sign

Update on Lockwood Lane Bridge:

Yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, January 22nd), the Town received 7 bids from potential construction vendors to rebuild the Lockwood Lane bridge.  Administration personnel are currently reviewing the bids received to determine the lowest, most “responsible” and “eligible” bid.  In addition, the Town is finalizing negotiations with National Grid gas and electric regarding relocation of utilities during the construction.  However, as we reported earlier, cost expectations had changed and all bids received were indeed higher than the amounts estimated in May 2019. 

On Monday, the Board of Selectmen will meet and are expected to call for a Special Town Meeting on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. at Spofford Pond School, to fund the cost short fall.  At this time, it is estimated that an additional $600,000 will be required to complete the project, however that amount is subject to change as the bid review process continues.

Upon approval of needed additional funding, the Town will execute a contract with the selected construction firm and a “notice to proceed” will be issued.  At first, work will occur off-site as pre-cast concrete bridge components are fabricated.  The contractor will likely mobilize on-site later in the spring and coordinate with the utilities to ensure gas, electric, cable, and phone services are maintained during construction, but relocated outside the construction area.  The demolition of the current bridge will then begin.

The Town will continue to report on this project as it progresses.