Rt. 133 Rehabilitation Project Website now available

Rt. 133 Project map.

A new project webpage has been created for the Rt. 133 Rehabilitation Project. The project has been a partnership led by the DPW Superintendent/Town Engineer, in conjunction with various Select Boards over the years, and includes the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission (MVPC), and two engineer design firms.  Planning for phase 1 of the Rt 133 rehabilitation, the 1.4-mile segment from the North Andover Town Line to the Main Street intersection, has been ongoing since 2011, when the Town and the MVPC first approached MassDOT to make phase 1 a state-funded project through the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) process.  Construction of TIP projects are funded entirely by the state through Federal grant funds, with the Town funding design of the project, in accordance with MassDOT design and process requirements.  In 2015, the project construction estimate was $4.8 million.


The project page can be found on the Town homepage under the "Town Projects" tab.   Information on other current Town projects can also be found in this section.

In the coming months there will be additional information and opportunities for public feedback.  In particular, the community will need to decide on the best redesign of the Washington and Main Street intersection.  The two options are a signalized intersection or a roundabout. Traffic calming, safety, and access for vehicles, in particular tractor trailers, will all factor into the decision on final design.  Construction of the project, through the TIP process, would be at least five years away from final design.