Important Announcement Regarding Trash and Recycling Collection

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Residents of Boxford,
At the eleventh hour of contract negotiations with Waste Management, the Town decided not to accept the terms of the draft contract due to changes in the contract made late in the process that led to an unacceptable increase to the cost of trash collection for the Town. More information about the process and its conclusion can be found in this memo and on the Waste Stream Task Force project page on the Town website.
For Fiscal Year 2024, which begins on July 1, 2023, the Town will sign a 1-year contract extension with Waste Management with no changes to how trash and recycling is currently collected, other than an increase in sticker cost from $3 to $4 per sticker. Residents will need to continue to purchase trash stickers.  There will not be automated service next year and residents can continue to use their own barrels and bins.  We plan to renew our efforts in the coming weeks to evaluate various trash collection services and providers that can meet the needs of our residents at an optimal cost to the Town and expect to have a new 5-year contract in place a year from now.
Boxford Board of Health
Boxford Select Board