Announcement from the Recycling Center Regarding Motor Oil Collection

recycling center

Beginning Saturday, October 1, 2022, the Recycling Center will no longer be accepting motor oil until further notice. 

How to dispose/recycle motor oil:

  • Return used oil for recycling to the store where you purchased it. Retailers are required to accept used oil for recycling (up to two gallons per person per day) if you have the purchase receipt.
  • Some service stations and repair shops that do not sell motor oil but burn the oil to heat their garage will take back used oil from residents.
  • Certain quick oil change chains accept used oil. Check the Yellow Pages online for a location near you.
  • Call the MassDEP Used Oil Hotline at 617-556-1022. Also use this number to report retailers who are unwilling to accept used oil from customers who have receipts.