The Conservation Commission voted to approve my project! When can I start work?

A vote of by the Boxford Conservation Commission to issue a permit will take one of four possible forms: an Order of Conditions (OOC) following the submission of a Notice of Intent (NOI); a Determination of Applicability following a Request for Determination (RDA); a Determination of Negligible Impact (DNI) following a simple request letter; or an Emergency Certification.

Both OOCs and Determinations of Applicability are typically issued the Monday following the Thursday meeting during which the vote was taken by the Commission. There is a ten (10) day appeals period (counting business days only) for both the OOC and the Determination of Applicability. No work may begin on the project before the conclusion of the appeals period and the completion of any other pre-construction activities included as conditions to the permit. 

A vote by the Conservation Commission to issue a DNI is typically followed by a confirmation letter issued by the Conservation Office on the Monday following the Thursday meeting during which the vote was taken. There is no appeals period for a DNI. Work may begin under a DNI after issuance and as soon as any conditions to the permit have been fulfilled. 

An Emergency Certification may be issued at a Conservation Commission meeting immediately following a vote of the Conservation Commission, or directly by the Conservation Agent outside of the regular Conservation Commission meeting schedule if conditions so warrant. There is no appeals period for an Emergency Certification. Work may begin under an Emergency Certification immediately upon issuance of the permit