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Supporting Information for Annual Town Meeting - Tuesday, May 10, 2016, 7:00PM

Supporting Documents for respective articles are highlighted below - some documents will be added as they become available:

Art. #1:  Annual Report – To be posted by May 2, 2016

Art. #2:  Revolving Funds – Receipts and Expenditures FY16

Art. #3:  Home Rule Petition – 4-Mile – Appellate Tax Board Decision

Art. #4:  Collective Bargaining Agreements – Contracts will be posted when/(if) ratified by Board of Selectmen.  Police Patrol, Dispatchers

Art. #5:  New Compensation plan for call firefighters - Hourly Rate Summary

Art. #6:  Annual Renewal of Compensation plan for non-union employees – Classification Plan

Art. #7:  Annual Town Operating Budget – Detail of the Non-School Budget;  Detail of the School Budget

Art. #8:  Override:  2 new firefighters – Chief’s Staffing Report

Art. #9:  Capital Projects list – Proposed Capital Purchases

Art. #10:  Conceptual Non-School Municipal Facilities Efficiency Plan –To be posted prior to Town Meeting.

Art. #11:  Funding for continued study of the plan

Art. #12:  Expansion of Library services within Town Hall

Art. #13:  Restoration of Boy Scout Park Baseball Field – Conceptual Plan

Art. #14:  Design funds for Spofford Pond School Roof Replacement –Spofford School Roof Deficiencies Report

Art. #15:  Stormwater drainage design on Balmoral Road – Conceptual Plan, March 24th - To be posted by May 2, 2016

Art. #16:  Funds for Conservation Fund

Art. #17:  Insurance Fund

Art. #18:  End of Career retirement bonus

Art. #19:  Funds for periodic actuarial review of OPEB liability

Art. #20:  Set curbside collection fee at $2.50 per bag

Art. #21:  Annual CPC appropriations and reserves

Art. #22:  Signs for recreational fields in Boxford – Proposed Signs       

Art: #23:  CPC contribution to design funds for Historic Document Center

Art. #24:  Home Rule Petition:  To establish Special Education Reserve Fund

Art. #25:  Adjourn Town Meeting