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                   ROBERT W. CONROY, Esq. (1929 - 2016)

                   In the 1970’s Robert Conroy, bought a parcel of land, built his house and moved with his
                   family to his newly adopted home in the Town of Boxford and immediately volunteered
                   his services to the Town of Boxford for the next 37 consecutive years.  There are few
                   volunteers that amass the number of years and possess the level dedication equal
                   to Bob Conroy.

                   Bob  Conroy’s  long  history  of  service  to  both  his  community  and  country  included
                   serving  as  a  young  man  in  the  armed  forces  during  the  Korean  Conflict,  then
                   volunteering for his community soon after he was married.  His services included a
                   number of years on the Burlington Finance Committee before devoting many years of
                   service to the Town of Boxford.

                   As an ardent proponent of fiscally conservative local government, Bob served on multiple
                   boards simultaneously, creating an outstanding service record of 18 years on the Zoning
                   Board of Appeals, 19 years on the Finance Committee, 16 years on the Capital Budgeting
                   Committee, and 9 years on the Board of Selectmen, three of those as Chair!

                   Bob is survived by his wife of sixty years, Lois (Wanamaker) Conroy and three daughters,
                   Marsha of Groton, MA, Leigh of Deland, FL and Robyn Anne and son-in-law Major Adam
                   Samiof of Huntsville, AL, as well as, three grandchildren and three great grandchildren
                   whom he dearly loved.

                   Bob Conroy provided good humor, well-reasoned, well-articulated and thoughtful
                   leadership to a grateful community.  Today, we express our gratitude and
                   admiration for Bob Conroy and his dedication to the Town of Boxford.

                   JOAN FINCH TARLETON (1923 - 2016)

                   Joan  married  U.S.  Army  Officer,  Morris  E.  Tarleton  in  Perryville,  MD  in  1944.    Her
                   husband settled into a career with the American Sugar Co. (Domino), taking the pair to
                   New  Orleans  &  Baton  Rouge,  LA,  Timonium,  Maryland,  Chatham,  New  Jersey,  and
                   finally Boxford, Massachusetts.

                   A collector, animal lover, and fierce Democrat, Joan's passion for family, antiquing, pets,
                   wildlife,  and  politics  was  unrivaled.  An  active  participant  and  Board  Member  of  the
                   Boxford  Council  of  Aging,  member  and  Corresponding  Secretary  of  the  Boxford
                   Democratic  Town  Committee,  and  co-founder  of  the  Merrimack  Valley  Antique  Bottle
                   Club, Joan's commitment to her community attests to her steadfast spirit.

                   Ensconced in her forest sanctuary in bucolic Boxford, Joan leaves behind her adoring
                   family, many  beloved  friends, and a  grateful community where  her  contributions
                   will be long remembered.
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