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                                                       VOTERS ELECT

                 Town Clerk                                             Board of           Commissioners
                                          Constables                   Assessors            of Trust Funds
                                                                          (3)                   (3)

               Planning Board         School Committee               Regional District
                    (7)                     (5)                     School Committee

               Moderator                Library Trustees               Board of Health
                                              (9)                            (5)

                 Appoints                   Appoint                      Appoints
               No. Shore Reg.              Director of                   Director of
                 Vocational                 Libraries                   Public Health
               Committee Rep.

                                                      Board of Selectmen


               OFFICERS                      COMMITTEES                               Border to Boston Trail
               Town Administrator            Agricultural Commission                  Haynes Land Advisory
               Animal Control Officer        Community Preservation                   Housing Partnership
               Communications Director       Council on Aging                         Friends of the Ackerman
               Director of Municipal Finance/   Board of Appeals                       Playground Committee
               Emergency Management Director   Cultural Arts Council
               Town Accountant               Cable TV Advisory                        INDEPENDENT
               Fire Chief                    Community Preservation Act               SERVICES FOR THE
               Election Officers             Computer Management                      TOWN OF BOXFORD
               Forest Warden                 Conservation Commission                  Boxford Athletic
               Inspectors of Animals,        Fence Viewers                             Association
                 Buildings, Wiring,          Finance Committee                        BTA/BOLT, Inc.
                 Plumbing/Gas                Town Forest                              Historic Document Center
               Treasurer/Tax Collector       Historic Districts Commission            H.A.W.C. (Help for Abused
               Parking Clerk                 Lakes, Ponds & Streams                   Women & Children)
               Police Chief                  Boxford Land                             Tri-Town Council on Youth
               Supt. of Public Works         Personnel Board                           & Family Service
               Sealer of Weights & Measures   Permanent Non-School Building           Boxford Cable Access
               Town Counsel                  Recreation                                Television
               Veterans’ Agent               Recycling
               Veterans’ Graves Officer      Registrar of Voters

                                             AD HOC COMMITTEES
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