Town of Boxford
7A Spofford Road, Boxford, MA 01921
ph: (978) 887-6000
Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes
Real Estate and Personal Property taxes are billed bi-annually to property owners of record.  Preliminary tax bills are issued on June 30th and based upon the net amount paid the previous fiscal year plus an estimated increase reflective of the town budget, overrides and debt exclusions approved by voters for the current year. Actual tax bills are mailed on December 31st and are calculated using assessed property values as of January 1st at the current tax rate less the amount of the preliminary tax.  

Real Estate and Personal Property taxes are due on the first business day of the months of February, May, August and November.  Bills remaining unpaid after the due date are charged interest at the rate of 14% per annum.  Additionally, any bills outstanding after May 1st are charged a $10.00 demand fee.  Properties on which taxes remain delinquent after the close of the fiscal year are subject to a tax taking whereby a tax lien is recorded on the property.

Payment of tax bills may be made in a few ways:
  • Pay online  click here. A free, convenient and environmentally conscious way to pay via a debit to a checking account.  Credit card companies charge the user a fee for this service.  The fee schedule is posted on-line.

  • Detach the remittance coupon at the bottom of the tax bill and mail with check to Century Bank in the envelope provided.  Payment must be received by due date to avoid an interest charge.  Please mail in ample time to assure timely receipt.

  • If a personal on-line banking program is used, the proper remittance address is Town of Boxford, 7A Spofford Road, Boxford, MA 01921.  To insure proper credit for payment, please include bill number and tax type.

  • Payments may also be made in person at Town Hall during posted business hours:  Monday – Thursday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.  After hours payments may be left in the secure night Payment Drop-Box located to the right of the front door entrance.  If a receipt is requested, please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.

  • Most mortgage companies require taxes to be escrowed for later payment directly to the town.  In accordance with Massachusetts General Law, all tax bills are mailed to the Owner of Record, the name(s) that appear on the property deed.  The town does not mail tax bills directly to mortgage companies; it is the responsibility of the property owner to do so if requested.  Many mortgage companies request a copy of the town’s entire billing file and therefore will not require a copy of the paper bill.   When refinancing a mortgage, it is prudent to verify with the town that taxes were paid at closing.