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Q: How do I renew and/or apply for my gun license?

Q: I need to fill out an accident report?
A: You can download multiple forms from the registry's website. Go to:

Q: I have a hunting, boating or recreational vehicle question?
A: Most of these laws are managed and enforced by the Massachusetts
Environmental Police. Go to:

Q: I have a Junior Operator's License Question?
A: On September 1, 2007 the new J.O.L. guidelines came into effect. A
complete list of the updated regulations can be obtained on the registry's

Q: I need to obtain a C.O.R.I. backround check?
A: You may obtain this by contacting the Criminal History Systems Board @
(617) 660-4710 or by visiting: Go to:

Q: Does the town of Boxford have a leash law?
A: No, the town does not currently have a leash law.

Q: I am going on vacation and I would like to have my home checked while I
am away?
A: You may contact the police department and request to have your home
placed on the "House check list". We will periodically check your home for
the duration of your vacation.

Q: How can I become a Boxford Police Officer?
A: Any/all hiring notifications will be announced on this website as well
as the local media. Reserve Officer applications can be picked up at the
front desk.

Q: I need a copy of a police report?
A: A report request form must be submitted to the Administrative
Assistant. Report request forms are available on this site.