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Child Safety Seats

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among children ages 3
to 14 in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration (NHTSA). An average of 5 children age 14 and
younger were killed and 640 injured in motor vehicle crashes each day
across the United States in 2005. Even a sudden stop can seriously injure
a child who is not riding securely in the right type of child safety seat.


A car seat installation generally takes approximately 30 minutes to
complete and could potentially last longer based upon the number of car
seats and whether the car seat is a match to the child and the automobile.
Safety checks are conducted in order to give instruction on the proper
installation of child safety seats to ensure the safety of children while
traveling. In addition, we educate parents and caregivers on how to
safely transport children in motor vehicles.

Please contact Officer Joseph Borodawka to make an appointment at
978-887-8135 or email:  Please have the following information
available when you call:

- Childs Age, Height and Weight
- Vehicle Year, Make and Model
- Type of Car Seat (Infant, Convertible, Forward Facing, Booster, other)
- Seat Manufacturer, Model Number and Date of Manufacturer
- Has the seat been recalled?
- Are you the original owner of the seat?
- Has the car seat been involved in a crash or accident?

We discourage the following:

- The use of aftermarket parts (These are items that were not
 supplied in the original car seat manufacturing packaging.)
- Recycling seats among family and friends or purchasing used seats
- Using car/booster seats longer than 6 years (The structural
 integrity of the car seat may begin to break down after 6 years.)
- The use of car seats that have been involved in accidents.


The Massachusetts Child Passenger Safety Law requires children less than 5
years of age or who weigh 40 pounds or less to ride in a properly
installed, federally-approved child safety seat.

This law also requires children 5 years of age through 12 to wear a safety
belt. A booster seat is recommended to ensure that the safety belt fits
properly for children less than 57 in height.

The Massachusetts Safety Belt Law requires safety belt use by those 13
years of age and older.


(2007 Car Seat Ease of Use Ratings)

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Enhanced child passenger seat safety law came into effect on July 10, 2008

Massachusetts has recently enacted a new law, which will take effect July
10, 2008. This enhancement of the Massachusetts Child Passenger Safety
Law requires that all children riding in passenger motor vehicles must be
in a federally approved child passenger restraint that is properly
fastened and secured until they are 8 years old or over 57 tall.