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Why does Boxford have subdivision rules?

The subdivision regulations are adopted for the purpose of protecting the safety, convenience and welfare of the inhabitants of the Town of Boxford by "regulating the laying out and construction of ways in subdivisions, providing access to the several lots therein, but which have not become public ways, and ensuring sanitary conditions in subdivisions and in proper cases, parks and open areas."

The powers of the Planning Board and of the Board of Appeals, under the Subdivision Control Law, shall be exercised with due regard for:
· Adequate access to all of the lots in a subdivision by ways that will be safe and convenient for travel;
· For lessening congestion in such ways and in the adjacent public ways;
· For reducing danger of life and limb in the operation of motor vehicles;
· For securing safety in case of fire, flood, panic and other emergencies;
· For insuring compliance with the applicable Zoning Ordinance;
· For securing adequate provision for water, sewerage, drainage, underground utility services, fire, police and other similar town equipment, and street lighting;
· And for coordinating the ways in a subdivision with each other and with the public ways in the town and with the ways in neighboring subdivisions.