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Please see the Fire Dept. Training Schedule.
Explorers meet and particpate with the fire department.

What is Fire Service Exploring?

Fire Service Exploring is a program offered by Learning for Life that introduces major aspects of the fire service to young adults ages 14-21. Once enough training has been acquired, Explores can be allowed on actual fire/medical calls under certain conditions such as, but not limited to:

            *Explorers cannot enter a structure unless deemed stable and secure.
            *Explorers must maintain a safe distance from a structural fire.

Certain local, state, and federal laws as well as National BSA Regulations restrict the duties an Explorer can perform on a fire ground or a medical call.

What tasks can Explorers perform?

Fire Explorers are trained in relatively basic tasks that can be performed to assist firefighters working on the fire ground or the site of a medical emergency. Those tasks range from dressing hydrants to filling air bottles.

Do fire explorers receive any medical training?

Some fire exploring posts offer medical training which can be as basic as a simple first aid certification to as advanced as first responder certification.

Very rarely does an Explorer get tasked to an EMS call.  Such calls would have to be serious enough where to help is absolutely necessary such as mass causality incidents (MCI), ect.

As mentioned before, there are many limits as to what an Explorer can and cannot do.  The tasks are pretty much as simple as retrieving/returning equipment and possibly prepping oxygen tanks.  The tasks also vary depending on level of medical certification.

What uniforms do the Explorers receive?

Fire Explorers receive uniforms that identify the department that their in and mentions that the individual is an Explorer. The types of uniforms are listed below.

Official Uniform Name
Description of Uniform
Class A
Light blue/Black dress shirt, Dark blue dress pants
Public events such as parades, funerals, fairs, etc
Class B
T-shirt (duty shirt), pants
Station/Duty wear
Turnout (Bunker) Gear
Bunker coat, bunker pants, bunker boots, hood, gloves, and helmet
For field work, fire scenes, floods, snowstorms, etc.
Exploring is a worksite-based program of Learning for Life, a subsidiary of the boy scouts of America, for young men and women who are 14 through 20 years old.  Exploring units, called “posts”, usually have a focus on a single career field, such as police, fire/rescue, health, law, aviation, engineering, or the like, and my be sponsored by a government or business entity.

The Explorer Motto is “Our best today for a better tomorrow!”