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Child Safety Seats
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EAST STATION: 978-887-5725
A car seat installation generally takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and could potentially last longer based upon number of car seats or the vehicle iteself. Our primary goal is to ensure that every seat and child are positioned correctly in the vehicle. It is also important to remember that our purpose is to educate on how to install vs simply installing the seat.

Before scheduling your inspection, please have the following information or actions completed.

- Childs Age, Height and Weight
- Vehicle Year, Make and Model
- Vehicle Manual
- Type of Car Seat (Infant, Convertible, Forward Facing, Booster, other)
- Seat Manufacturer, Model Number and Date of Manufacturer
- Double check the EXPERATION Date. We will not install expired seats and do not have seats to give out.
- Please have your vehicle cleaned, including trunk area

- Always send in car seat registration card. It is the primary way to be notified if the seat is ever recalled.
- Avoid purchasing or accepting free car seats.
- Check the experation date. Due to general wear and tear car seats expire. Most seats are good for 5-7 years so check your experations dates.
- Car seats should be replaced after any vehicle crash, especially if air bags deployed.
- Avoid aftermarket parts or other items not orginally supplied with your car seat.