Town of Boxford
7A Spofford Road, Boxford, MA 01921
ph: (978) 887-6000
Mailbox Guidelines

Mailboxes installed in a Right of Way are placed there at the owner’s risk and located per  U.S. Postal Service guidelines.

Mailboxes in the Right of Way shall be no closer to the edge of pavement than three feet.  Each mailbox shall be sufficiently solid to withstand snow-clearing efforts by the Town.  

All mailboxes in the Right of Way shall have reflectors so that the box and post can be seen under poor visibility conditions.

It shall be the responsibility of the owner to clear snow around mailboxes to asure mail delivery by the U.S. Postal Department.

In the rare event that a Town vehicle or a Town hired contractor operated plow damages a properly installed mailbox, the Town will install a new pressure treated post and a standard white or black mailbox.  It must be evident the damage was caused by the plow blade (yellow paint mark, etc.) and not the force of the snow.  A DPW highway foreman will be responsible to make that determination.  Please call to report damage within 48 hours after the damage has occurred (978-352-6555).