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Does my proposed project require a permit?

If a proposed project includes disturbance activity within protected areas (e.g., within 100' of a wetland resource area, or within 200' of a perennial stream), it must be reviewed and approved by the Conservation Commission.  Emergency projects mandated by concerns for public health and safety may be eligible for approval on an expedited basis with minimal application requirements. Contact the Conservation Agent at 978-887-6000 x506 for guidance on permit applications.

Structures requiring a building permit must be set back at least 75' from wetland resource areas, 100' from Baldpate, Hovey's and Stiles Pond, and 100' from perennial streams or vernal pools. Such structures may be allowed closer than the minimum setbacks if the following conditions are met:
        1.      The structure is accessory to a single family home built before May 19, 1994.
        2.      The strucure is proposed to be located in an already disturbed area ( ex: lawn, driveway) and,
        3.      The applicant demonstrates that the structure is as close to the 75' line as possible.