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JRM Trash Schedules and/or Complaints 1-800-323-4285
JRM Trash Schedules and/or Complaints 1-800-323-4285

Jan 10, 2007

Residential trash collection and recycling collection in Boxford is weekly on either Monday or Tuesday depending upon your location. (Contact the Board of Health for collection schedule information 978-887-6000 x507).In case of a Monday holiday, Monday collection is moved to Tuesday and Tuesday collection is moved to Wednesday. In case of a Tuesday holiday, Monday collection remains on Monday and Tuesday collection is moved to Wednesday.  One time use stickers are required on all trash bags, or on top of trash inside each trash container. Effective July 1, 2007 trash stickers cost $2.50 each and are available for purchase at the Town Hall, Town Libraries, Boxford Community Store and West Village Provisions during regular operating hours.
The Solid Waste Regulations are as follows:
1.      One current ($2.50) Boxford Solid Waste Collection Sticker must be attached to each free standing trash bag or trash bag in a barrel. Trash and recycleables must be placed curbside (at the edge of your driveway where it meets the street) by 7 am the day of your pick-up. Items placed beyond curbside will not be picked up.
2.      If there is more than one (1) trash bag in a barrel, the sticker shall be placed visibly on the top bag, and if you have multiple bags in a barrel, the bags should not go over the top of the barrel. 
3.      Barrels should weigh no more than 50 pounds and be no larger than 35-gallon size. Please use common sense when filling your barrel with more than one trash bag. Although the total weight of the barrel cannot exceed 50 pounds, do not place one heavy bag in the barrel, making it difficult or impossible for the driver to lift. If the driver is unable to lift a bag, it will not be picked up.
4.      No stickers should be placed directly on the barrel or lid.  
5.      Household rubbish that does not have a proper sticker  will not be picked up.  Stickers should be clearly visible for collection.
6.      Cardboard should be 2 feet by 2 feet or smaller placed  in paper bags or tied with string for recycling.
7.      Styrofoam should be broken into pieces similar to cardboard and can be commingled in the recycling.